I worked for Blue-J through out college, and later after college. I started out as a cleaning associate and was eventually promoted to an office manager. Blue-J provided me with a safe work setting which is very important as other workplaces have asked me to do dangerous tasks which require a great deal of coordination. The unsafe tasks are a problem as my Aspergers makes me very clumsy. Blue-J has been able to provide me an entry into knowledge work and this will likely be the foundation for the rest of my career. – Joe Malinowski

“During the start of 2016 in January 19th I met Ms. Janet face to face about being a crew member of Blue J’s. After the job shadow she hired me and Blue J’s be came my first job.
During and after my training I had a hard time understanding Ms. Janet and the company. Because of me having high functioning autism I got frustrated with how they do things. Until I learned something from her of why she does this.

She told me she used to be a learning connection’s teacher back at my high school Mount Pleasant. Then I thought back to my LC teacher and she helped us learn. That’s when I learned to be open minded more and that this is all a learning experience.
If there was any mistakes I or anyone else have made I took responsibility for those actions. I memorize different security codes to lock up along with several other office keys. I made sure that each office had there personal belongings back where they were. I kept up with resources and improvised with other safe and friendly materials.
There was a lot of things I have learned as a responsible worker thanks to Ms. Janet and the crew within one year. Thanks to them I’m now a proud independent worker (the end goal for Blue J’s).
I also learned the people on the spectrum are not incapable of doing anything. All it takes is a learning experience and a little help to be come better than yourself.
Thank you Blue J’s for helping me learn to be come better than what I was before.

Oh and for those who are reading this, remember that they are not just a cleaning business, they’re a movement.”
Xavier Collazo

Years ago, God gave Janet Schultz a dream of owning her own business. Today Blue-J Cleaning Solutions is a vibrant company, providing a quality cleaning service, especially for businesses, offices, etc. But what sets Blue-J apart is their advocacy, offering employment and mentoring to those on the Autism spectrum. What a fantastic example of someone who uses her entrepreneurial gifts to invest in the community, while also fulfilling her God-given mission!

Dale Jenkins