How the world should respond to this
October 3, 2017

A parallel track of thinking discusses a manner of processing the world which is distinct from but not inferior to the conventional fashion. An analogy could be made between windows and Macintosh operating systems. Windows is the standard operating system. A vast majority of the business and academic world uses Microsoft windows for tasks related to communicating information mainly. However, many photographers use Macintosh because they believe that this operating system has more capabilities for creative work. Thus both operating systems are useful, but each is more productive in different tasks.

Evidence of this can be gleaned from the fact that a number of innovators throughout history have been suspected to have an Autistic spectrum disorder. Ludwig Wittgenstein, famous for his contributions to Philosophy of language was suspected to have Asperger’s syndrome as was the composer Beethoven and Albert Einstein. All of the people were alike in being talented in areas which required intense concentration where one of the diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum disorder is limited areas of focus. Thus, all of these people could said to gain something from this condition if indeed they had it and if indeed it shaped their abilities.

A parallel track of thinking can look like a disability because while thinking along a parallel track does enhance one in some areas it also restricts them in other areas. People on the spectrum have difficulty in social interactions for example, but in light of their strengths they have at least equal abilities as those not on the spectrum.