Dolphins as Therapy Animals
June 28, 2017

Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ben Carson.

After driving for nearly three hours, the individual I was attending the event with pulled off into the parking lot of the Seneca family restaurant. We had driven for nearly a half-hour in the grey haze of rural South Carolina after exiting the interstate. The only indication that we were near our destination was when we drove over the Seneca River, which was labeled as such, giving us a clear understanding that we were getting close. Eventually, when we found the Seneca family restaurant, we stepped out of the car, and into the establishment. I ordered two eggs and a sausage while my friend ordered the country-fried steak.

After a few minutes, Dr. Carson and his entourage arrived. Walking to the middle of the dining area, Dr. Carson began speaking about his background. This Neurosurgeon is one of the finest individuals which America has ever produced, and living evidence of the fact that anyone can become anything in America. Dr. Carson was raised in one of the worst neighborhoods in Detroit. His mother, a single parent, pushed him and his brother to read constantly while they were growing up. As a result, both Dr. Carson and his brother are college graduates. Following his graduation from Yale, Dr. Carson attended the University of Michigan School of medicine and later went on to become the youngest head of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins. In that position, he performed the first successful separation of conjoined twins joined at the head, an operation which he has repeated on numerous sets of twins successfully..

The major political issue he spoke on was the debt however. Dr. Carson was more assertive and impassioned in person than he is on television when he spoke on this issue. This could be in part because he knows that he speaks the truth when he states that the world will be completely different if the Jihadists, Russians or Chinese take over. I support Dr. Carson because he understands that the issue which the lives and dreams of all American citizens turn on, is whether the United States of America will remain the hegemon. America’s status as the hegemon is by definition a national collective goods issue. We all benefit from American power. The most important task of any administration, therefore, is to maintain our status in the international system. Millions of people, not just in America, but worldwide, depend on American power to maintain peace, prosperity and abundance. As a result of American power, no American citizen can be deprived of life or liberty, without a massive cost being assessed of the party which killed or kidnapped the American. Our ability to project power also shapes the economic options which we have to address recessions. A world where the United States could not project power would be darker for everyone. Overnight, many parts of the world would once again be locked in conflicts which are centuries old with causes that average people in those countries have little or no concern about. If American forces abroad had to retreat to the mainland, then broad portions of the world would be up for grabs in the resulting power vacuum. When those portions of the world were captured and the power vacuum was filled, the ripple effects from this instability would have unpredictable results in the world market at best. If America loses its status in the world, the outcomes are so dark as to be incomprehensible.