Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Eco-Friendly Cleaner



The boutique cleaner Blue-J Eco-Friendly Small Office Cleaning uses is made locally in Cabarrus County. This product is all-natural and environmentally friendly, leaving your house to smell as fresh as it is clean.

You can clean your fruit to your kitchens counters to bathrooms and everything in between. Keep it by the sink to spray & soak dirty dishes to sanitizing refrigerators, counter tops, toilets, carpets and cars. All that needs sanitized and anything that needs to sparkle.

The fragrance is just enough aromatherapy to make you want to continue cleaning & enlighten your heart with the smell of fresh lemons and lavender.

• Naturally derived

• Non Toxic

• Never tested on animals

• Safe for skin

• Keep out of eyes. Lemon may cause irritation to occur.


Natural minerals, colorants, purified water, naturally derived surfactants, anti bacterial agent and fragrance oils.

• Recycle or reuse bottle

Due to overwhelming requests for this cleaner, it is now exclusively being offered by Blue-J Eco-Friendly Small Office Cleaning for purchase.

Size: 1 gallon


Client Testimonials

Love it!! Work miracles on grease. -Kim Good

Absolutely marvelous stuff! -Carol Ogelsby

I love it! I love the smell and like that it is not sticky or tacky. – Raegan Brogdon; Owner – Solace Salon and Spa