Business Opportunities

Working with Blue-J

The conversation begins with one information gathering and interest exploring conversation (no monetary investment).

Hours of Consultation Services that include:

  • Education and training of The Blue-J Business Model
  • Education and training in How to Start a Blue-J Business
  • Education and training in Proven Advertising and Marketing Strategies and Sales
  • Education and training in Estimating Job Costs and Proposals
  • Education and training of Employee and Client Profiles
  • Education and training of the Blue-J Cleaning Processes and preferred Norwex cleaning products. In addition, the kit includes a training video that can be used to train employees. This training video is cutting edge. It is designed from the perspective of those on the Autism Spectrum.
  • Education and training on Strategies of Individuals Living with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder & Other disabilities

Additional Support:

  • On site training (minimum of 2 hours)
  • License to use the Blue-J logo and name
  • Provide a Blue-J website (is a professional duplicate equipped with effective SEO tailored to their area)
  • Social Media set up
  • Quarterly Skype meetings
  • Recommendations for the first year to jump start success
  • Attend up to 2 sponsored local Autism Speaks and Autism Society events
  • Speak at engagements such as local business chamber, community organizations, and parent support groups, (limit 2)

A Great Investment Opportunity

If you, or someone you know, wants to start a business, this is a great opportunity.