About Us

Blue-J Cleaning Solutions is the vision of Janet Schultz and began its development in November, 2012. We proudly provide Cabarrus County NC with small office cleaning services, as well as the greater Charlotte, NC region.

We are an ecofriendly detail driven company who offer our clients consistency in cleaning.  Blue-J is more than a cleaning company.  We are advocates, offering employment opportunities and mentoring to those on the autism spectrum.  Our ultimate goal is to help our employees to reach their full potential.

Our latent goal is to become a successful and marketable franchise so that the Blue-J mission may extend beyond the Greater Charlotte, North Carolina area. Click Here for Business Opportunities

Former Special Education teacher, Janet Schultz, turned entrepreneur began Blue-J Cleaning Solutions in November of 2012. The first year, the biggest struggle and frustration was finding employees who would clean to a process, were dependable, committed, detail oriented and routine driven. Then the Epiphany came. Individuals on the Autism Spectrum had those attributes coupled with a strong work ethic. Hiring Eric in 2013, being Blue-J’s first employee on the spectrum, marked the beginning of the solution to the problem of finding a reliable employee base. After some investigation into this idea, it was found that the high unemployment rate of those on the spectrum, was and still is the current platform and focus of Autism Speaks and other said groups. It all began to come together and make sense. Blue-J joined the ranks as a social business. “The Blue-J Idea” is a win-win for all involved.

Our Clients

Our clients consist of many different types of business. Some include Car dealerships, Dog training facilities, Fine hair salons, Dentist offices and Churches.

Business Opportunity

Those who sign up for this opportunity are their own business owners – this isn’t a franchise. I take no percentage of their revenue.
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