We are a social entrepreneurship enterprise that treats Autism as a parallel track of thinking

Blue-J is a social business in conserving the environment by using eco-friendly cleaning products. However, Blue-J is also a social business in utilizing people on the autistic spectrum for employment purposes. We do this because we understand Autism to be a parallel track of thinking in most cases rather than a disorder or a disability. The word disability itself implies a lack of abilities where Autism is known to give some unique abilities. Thus to call this circumstance a disability would be a misnomer. Consider the consequences of labeling a parallel track of thinking a disability.
The unemployment rate of those with disabilities is 85-90%.

Choose us and make a difference!

We are more than a cleaning company, we are a movement creating change in the marketplace.

We give businesses of any size, in any industry, the ability to offer their clients and employees a healthier setting by using a locally crafted, non-hazardous and Eco-Friendly cleaning product.

We offer our clients a Value, as a detail driven, consistent cleaning company, which operates through relationships, not transactions. Click here to schedule an appointment or invite a Blue-J representative to speak at an event.

We predominately employ individuals on the Autism Spectrum because of their unique attributes and strong work ethic. We also give back to the community through volunteer work and we educate the public about Autism being a parallel track of thinking.